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Globale Media provides a leading platform to mobile app marketers for advertising their products and apps. Our platform tries to increase the average lifetime value of the end user by optimizing the campaign using automated algorithms and machine learning. It makes sure to serve the right campaign at the right time matching the interest of the user audience.

We help connect with app marketers with wide user base through CPC, CPI, CPV, CPA and CPM revenue models. We cater to more than 120 Geo’s across all major verticals including news, travel, finance, jobs, games, e-commerce, automobile, entertainment, sports and more.

We assure quality for each campaign installation. This is specific for mobile application and commonly applied by app owners, who not only want to build brand awareness but target app installs.
We build up awareness for the brand and bringing right traffic on the website, the option to target by operating systems, device models, carriers and wireless networks, bidding and budget setting in any other areas.
We assure the marketers with the right inquiry for the right products of the globe. Think bigger for app distribution and get access to over 100 million mobile devices. The amount gets due if the user takes the required action or meets the specified criteria.
The CPM refers to advertising bought on the basis of the impression. Advertisers and customers determine a specific sum in advance, which the customer will pay for every 1000 times the ad gets displayed. This is in contrast to the various types of pay-for- performance advertising.
We assure that your campaign reaches the right user at the right time based on the user interest so that you only pay when the user clicks on the ad. CPC is a very common and efficient method of advertising, as publishers only pay a specific sum if a user actually clicks the advertisement.