Mobile marketing comes under a digital marketing strategy whose main aim is to reach the target audience with various remarketing and mobile marketing strategies on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices via social media, mobile app, email, mobile ad, etc. For building short term or long term marketing plan, mobile advertising is considered to be an important strategy. For every marketer, it is also crucial to understand that if you are not applying any mobile marketing strategy, then you will not be able to compete in today’s market and you are already lacking behind.

Thus, we’ve prepared a list of terms to dive you into the world of mobile marketing so that you won’t be lost in different mobile tactics and strategies, and better understand what you need to do to improve your performance.

App monetization is ways by which app publishers and developers generate revenue. There are various forms of app monetization, including in-app ads, in-app purchases, one-time payments, and subscriptions, etc.

Ad fraud is an attempt made by online mobile marketers to get more financial gain through fraudulent activities. Mobile advertising through ad fraud represents the fake online advertising impressions, conversions or clicks to generate revenue for a marketer.

App Store Optimization. To increase game or in-app visibility in the App Store in iOS, app store optimization has been used. The main objective of App Store Optimisation is to increase the downloads of the organic app and visibility of the app, and also maintain a high position in the top charts of the app store.

Push notifications are pop-up messages that appear on the screen of the Android or iOS users browsing any website or app through their mobile phone. Subscribers receive this push notification as a message while they are online and it directs them to the particular website or add.

A/B Testing
is the process of showing different variants of the same web page for two different segments of the website visitors at a particular time for comparing which variant is capable to drive more conversions. It is also known as split testing.

is a publisher or salesperson who works on commission for promoting an offer for an advertiser.

Affiliate network
is an intermediary between advertiser and publishers, that helps drive sales and traffic to advertiser’s website.

Affiliate marketing
is performance-based marketing where the affiliates receive business rewards for bringing visitors or customers by putting their marketing efforts.

Attribution refers
to determining the marketing tactics that contribute towards conversion (sale of the products and service).
Bid is the amount of money which advertiser is willing to pay for each click on an ad.

is a marketing strategy where two or more brands join their efforts together for attracting new customers at new demographics and markets.

Content marketing
is a form of marketing strategy that made its focus on distributing, publishing, and creating content for the target customer online.

Commission rate
. An affiliate gets a percentage of income from an advertiser for making each click-through sale or lead is said to be the commission rate.

Online reputation management services help in increasing the brand value and nullifying negative remarks. Various efforts have been made by digital marketing experts that are involved in the conversation about a brand on various social media platforms and search engine pages.

Return on investment (ROI)
is the ratio of marketing expenses to the amount of money invested in the advertising campaign to measure the degree to which expenses on marketing contributes to profit.

Email marketing. Email Marketing is the act of using email for sending a commercial message to the target audience. In a broader sense, email marketing is said to be the email sent to each potential or current consumer for attracting them to increase sales of their products.

Search Engine Optimisation.
SEO helps in improving the organic ranking of the website. It is involved in providing technical SEO service, local SEO service, and international SEO service which is used to optimize the site for indexing and crawling. The technical SEO service is meant for improving search visibility.

is a marketing strategy where a brand or company pays for the right to be associated with the project to establish association and integration between a publisher and an advertiser.

Click-through rate (CTR) is a ratio that can be used to analyze the effectiveness of a particular online advertising campaign or email campaign. The success of an online advertisement can be analyzed through CTR as it is a ratio between the users who click on the link of a particular website to the number of total viewers who view a page, mobile ad, or e-mail.

Cost per install (CPI). Simply put, cost per install denotes the costs of mobile marketing or email advertising campaigns which advertisers pay every time an ad is converted into install.

Cost per mile (CPM). Cost per Mile (CPM) denotes the cost for thousand impressions paid for a particular ad. It is one of the most convenient ways to contribute towards brand awareness. Most of the mobile video ads and Facebook ads are paid through CPM pricing only.

Call to action (CTA). For encouraging an immediate sell, call-to-action is a term that can be used. A call to action simply refers to the use of phrases or words in a mobile advertising strategy that incorporates various advertising messages at web pages that influence the target audience to act in a specific way and make an immediate purchase.

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who visit the website and complete the desired goal i.e. they made a purchase and create lifetime value out of the total number of customers who visit the website. A high conversion rate is the result of a successful marketing campaign and web design which simply means that the customers are liking the marketers offering and they are easily influenced by those offering and made the purchase.

is a small file containing information regarding preferences about the visitor at a particular site. The cookie is created by the web browser to keep track of what a customer is buying and makes a record about an affiliate that helps generate the sales or subscription.

is considered to be the person who can influence the target audience to purchase the particular product because of his or her knowledge, reputation, or relationship with the audience on social media.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)
are the marketing mattresses that are used to keep track of the performance of online campaigns that provide information regarding the efficiency to advertisers and companies to achieve their marketing objectives.

All those words entered by the people into a search engine are said to be the keywords. These are the phrases that people used to find a particular web page.

Pay per click advertising is a type of digital advertising via social media ads, search ads, Google shopping ads, display ads, and remarketing. PPC ads help in bringing more traffic to your website that generates leads.

Programmatic advertising involves
the targeting of the audience precisely by generating a clear marketplace for brands for establishing effective customer engagement in real-time. Programmatic advertising can be used to connect the target audience with the advertising on various media platforms for gaining an effective result.

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