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April 2017

"Gone are the days when a simple image or an infographic would be enough to increase your page traffic, now are the days where the only way to increase your page traffic is through creative videos. As the majority of firms is gearing up for this new medium of communication, no wonder why the demand for video creatives is increasing day by day."     According to a research, almost 69% of-of your end users…

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Customer Life Time Value

Posted by Pooja Bagul on April 14, 2017

What more should I do to gain in more customers? How should I manage to strike a balance between my returns and expenses? Which marketing offers shall I invest in to create an outstanding product experience for my customers? If you find yourself losing your sleep over these questions then it's high time that you learn to utilize the penultimate solution of Customer Life Time Value to your advantage. Known to be a pivotal tool…

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